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Matt Rocha to Speak at 2024 NYS Tourism Conference at Pre-Conference Session

Mar 26, 2024

2024 NYS Tourism Conference
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April 17-19 | Niagara Falls, NY
2024 NYS Tourism Excellence Awards
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Matt Rocha, Account Executive, Travel & Tourism at Aki Technologies, to Speak in Niagara Falls at the 2024 New York State Tourism Conference

Matt Rocha, Account Executive, Travel & Tourism at Aki Technologies, will speak at 11 am on Wednesday April 17th for a pre-conference workshop session at the 2024 NYS Tourism Conference. In this session Matt will be talking about ChatGPT for Tourism Professionals. Take a deep dive into how text and image-based generative AI can be integrated into tourism efforts to create enriching, personalized experiences for visitors. We'll explore practical tools and innovative applications that can enhance the entire tourism lifecycle, from planning to post-visit.

Why You Should Attend: 

  • Discover accessible generative AI platforms that can significantly improve visitor engagement.
  • Learn how these technologies are already being used in the tourism industry and how you can apply them.
  • Identify key factors for the successful implementation of generative AI in your marketing and customer service strategies.

Key Takeaways:

  • An overview of user-friendly generative AI applications available for enhancing tourist interactions.
  • Strategies for effectively deploying text-based LLMs and image generators within the tourism sector.
  • Insights on maintaining an authentic New York experience while utilizing cutting-edge technology.

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About Matt:

Matt Rocha is the Travel & Tourism Account Executive at Aki Technologies. He supports destinations all over the East Coast with their hyper-targeted digital media campaigns that reach consumers at peak moments of receptivity. From strategy, planning, and creative development, all the way through activation and measurement, Rocha and his team at Aki are here to help!

As a Long Island native, Rocha loves exploring new destinations in NY so he can inspire others to book their next trip to the best state in the US. In addition to AI and digital media, Rocha loves trying new foods and beers from around the world.

Matt Rocha 

Travel & Tourism Account Executive

Aki Technologies | 516-319-5947

About Aki Technologies: 


Aki Technologies empowers destinations to target consumers in pivotal moments using personalized advertising. With four personalization patents, Aki's award-winning technology dynamically tailors ads in the moment based on region, weather, buying preferences, and other historical and present factors. This ensures a more relevant ad experience that drives stronger campaign results. Learn how Aki's personalized mobile, CTV, DOOH, and Content Creator campaigns help destinations like Orlando, Reno-Tahoe, West Virginia, and the Adirondacks reach their marketing goals on their website.