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Happy Thanksgiving! Note from Bob Provost

Nov 22, 2023

"What I Am Thankful For: YOU!"
A note from Bob Provost

"One year ago, in our Thanksgiving newsletter, I reflected on the many reasons to give thanks and look forward to 2023. Today, I am grateful to reflect on a 2023 that in many ways exceeded expectations and anticipate a 2024 full of promise. In fact, as I look to the years ahead, New York State’s tourism industry is on a trajectory for sustained (and sustainable!) growth. 

In part, my optimism is driven by the incredible potential for New York State’s tourism industry in the years ahead - potential fueled by special events, major and historic anniversary celebrations, new tourism assets, and expanding infrastructure. But potential must be realized. Success will not happen by default. My confidence in the future is enabled by the visionary leadership, creativity, tireless efforts, and unprecedented spirit of collaboration demonstrated by you, the tourism professionals committed to success on behalf of your destinations. 

I look forward to embarking with all of you on the journey to success in 2024 and beyond. I urge you to look to this newsletter in the weeks ahead for the news of your colleagues and our industry, as well as our NYSTIA programs, co-ops, initiatives, and events. Once again, I want to express my admiration and respect for the work you all do. I give thanks for each and every one of you, and your efforts on behalf of your destinations, communities, and New York State’s tourism industry."

- Bob Provost
CEO & President
New York State Tourism Industry Association