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DEAI Panel: Cass Harrington, President & CEO at Destination Marketing Corp., to Speak at 2023 NYSTIA Annual Meeting

Aug 28, 2023

Cass Harrington, President & CEO at Destination Marketing Corp. (Otsego & Schoharie Counties TPA), will speak on the DEAI In Action: From First Steps to Results panel on Thursday, September 14th at the 2023 NYSTIA Annual Meeting. In particular, Cass will discuss the intricacies of the successful 2022 Hispanic Marketing Campaign developed for 'This is Cooperstown', aimed at building on the momentum of a significant Latino Hall of Fame inductee and boosting Hispanic visitors to Cooperstown.

She will provide valuable insights into the planning, implementation, and impact of culturally-targeted marketing within the tourism industry, underscoring the power of embracing diversity and inclusivity in marketing strategies!

Why You Should Attend This Session:

  • Gain an understanding of how to effectively plan and execute culturally-targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Learn insights into the importance and impact of embracing diversity and inclusivity in marketing strategies.
  • Gain practical knowledge and lessons learned from the campaign's successes and challenges, applicable to future marketing endeavors.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain insights into the strategy and execution of a successful culturally targeted marketing campaign, providing a blueprint for similar future initiatives.
  • Understand the power of diversity and inclusivity in marketing, and how to effectively engage multicultural audiences.
  • Learn from real-life successes and challenges, offering practical knowledge for optimizing marketing strategies in the tourism industry.

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About Cass:

Cass is a Finger Lakes native who now calls Cooperstown home. After a foray in the wine industry, she relocated to Central New York to champion the This Is Cooperstown brand for DMC. Through her leadership, DMC has expanded in client base, increased revenue, and added staff. While not working, she likes to go birding and she finds stress relief in pulling weeds and doing yoga.

Cass Harrington
President & CEO
Destination Marketing Corporation (DMC)

About The Destination Marketing Corporation (DMC)

The Destination Marketing Corporation (DMC) was established in 2014 as a not-for-profit 501c6. By contract with Otsego and Schoharie Counties, the DMC has been designated the Tourism Promotion Agency (TPA) under the New York State Tourism Matching Funds Program. The DMC is funded by a portion of the occupancy tax revenues collected in contract with Otsego County; Cooperative marketing investments with tourism Partners; and annual grants from the NYS Division of Tourism/Matching Funds Program.

Mission Statement:
To steward local economic vitality through tourism generation and destination management which results in business development, pride of place, historical preservation, enhanced quality of life for our residents, as well as a memorable visitor experience.

To be a community leader, partner, and resource in economic development through tourism generation. As a result of DMC’s visitor economy management, our destination is valued as a vibrant place to play, live, and work.