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2024 NYSTC Stewardship Project: Francis Center of Niagara Falls After School Program

Apr 12, 2024

NYSTIA Gives Back! NYSTIA launches new major event stewardship initiative. "

"We're pleased to be introducing a new community stewardship component to NYSTIA's major event programming," states NYSTIA Board Chair Corey Fram, Director of Tourism for the 1000 Islands International Tourism Council. "Our members enjoy extraordinary hospitality from our host communities and it's fitting that we give members a chance to reciprocate in a meaningful way." 

Attendees for the 2024 New York State Tourism Conference will participate in an initiative to support the after school program at the Francis Center in Niagara Falls.

"The Francis Center does incredible work in our community, especially with our young people," observes John Percy, President and CEO of Destination Niagara USA, our host DMO. "They do so much and ask for so little. It's amazing how a small donation can go so far in meeting their program and the children's needs. I ask each of the conference attendees to take a few minutes and make a donation. In fact, our NYSTIA colleagues who can't physically join us in Niagara Falls can join us in spirit with a modest contribution."  

About the Francis Center:

Learning, laughter, and life skills…taught by people who truly care.

Francis Center is the hubbub of activity as children from the surrounding community arrive each day after school. Here, they’re provided with invaluable help with their schoolwork that they might not otherwise receive.

Francis Center is a place where neighborhood children are invited to experience the pride of learning, the importance of kindness, and the sheer delight of creativity in a safe and structured environment. We offer several programs that provide:

  • Help with homework and reinforcement in reading and math.
  • The opportunity to develop creativity through the fine arts.
  • Interaction with caring, adult mentors.
  • Supportive feedback to build self-confidence.
  • Discipline and guidance to increase self-control.
  • Social skills to help children relate positively to one another.
  • Kindness, respect and appreciation

Their after-school program accepts children in Grades Kindergarten and 1 recommended by their classroom teachers. Among the criteria for selection are their educational standing, social needs, and ability to commit to our program. Those who qualify are offered entry at no cost to their family.

With busy parents, hectic lives, or perhaps households where quiet learning isn’t possible, the students they accept appreciate our relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, and the intense learning experience we provide. Qualified teachers take the time needed to help these young minds develop their reading, language, and mathematics skills. As they do so, they encourage appropriate social behavior and an attitude of kindness toward others.

In addition to academics, the Francis Center offers weekly experiences with music, art and movement by welcoming guests who share their interests and passions with us. This allows the children to feel the sheer joy of creativity and imagination.

Throughout their time at Francis Center, young students are treated with respect, concern, and acceptance as we help guide them toward an appreciation for learning, the confidence for creative expression and the desire to be kind to others.

Small donations make a big difference: Donations of just $5 can help purchase the supplies we need on a daily basis.

Francis Center is a not-for-profit program that depends upon the generous support of those who believe in the good we’re doing.

If you would like to join us in helping the children in our program succeed at reaching their academic milestones, know that a donation of any size can make a huge difference. Financial contributions enable us to purchase the supplies our children need when they need them. You can make a secure online donation today using this link.

We also appreciate donated items such as notebooks, children’s books, pencils, art supplies and other materials. Here are some examples of the supplies we need to function on a daily basis, hyperlinked for those who prefer to send us a physical contribution. Please have items shipped directly to The Francis Center:  

Shipping Address for the Francis Center:

Attn: Mary Beth Smith
The Francis Center
335 24th Street
Niagara Falls, NY 14303

Help us change the world: one child’s life at a time