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500,000 Yankee Readers Travel to New York State Annually

Introducing The Typical Yankee Reader: Lisa is a 56-year-old Massachusetts resident who loves to travel. She is well-educated, affluent, and owns her home with her husband. Lisa leads a busy, active lifestyle and enjoys spending her days trying new recipes and exploring the Northeast. The Smiths go out to eat numerous times a month and enjoy visiting theatres, museums, and art galleries. A curious person, Lisa is always looking for new ways to improve her home and enjoy life to the fullest. HHI Income: $114,500. 68% female. Average age—56. 85% travel annual. Average spend per year on travel: $6,744.

Circulation: 330,000. Audience: 1.7 million primarily in New England states.
500,000 Yankee readers visited New York State in the last 12 months.

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