Newsday Media Group: Put the Power of Newsday to Work for Your Destination!

As Long Island's most trusted brand, Newsday Media Group acts as an effective conduit between your brand and the consumers who account for 50% of NY DMA spending. Our consumer audience has the income and the inclination to travel, and our print and digital response-generating integrated marketing solutions meet your marketing
objectives and deliver results easily and affordably.

We serve our consumer market with a variety of popular publications: daily newspaper Newsday, lifestyle and seasonal interest magazines like feedme and Long Island Living, and our ever-popular FunBook. Each offers opportunities to target consumers interested in travel and entertainment ready to visit the many destinations in their home state! Our NYSTIA Co-Op deck includes additional details on how each of these publications addresses diverse consumer segments with shared interests.

Newsday Media group also provides a wide array of digital services for desktop and mobile marketing, as well as consumer events. We invite you to explore our full range of multimedia products and services... click HERE for our NYSTIA Co-Op deck and details on a la carte and Co-Op package opportunities.

2020 NYSTIA Print & Digital Co-Op Proposal
Long Island Living Magazine
May 1 & September 4 Issues*

Option 1: NYSTIA Member Rate - $2,466
  • Long Island Living magazine: 1/4 page color
  • Travel-focused digital campaign including one (1) travel e-newsletter and 115,000+ impressions
Option 2: NYSTIA Member Rate - $4,942
  • Long Island Living magazine: 1/2 page color
  • Travel-focused digital campaign including two (2) travel e-newsletter and 248,000+ impressions
Option 3: NYSTIA Member Rate - $8,375
  • Long Island Living magazine: Full page color
  • Choose one option:
    • Travel-focused digital campaign including three (3) travel e-newsletters and 400,000+ impressions
    • Video pre-roll and/or in-banner outstream

* Also available to NYSTIA a la carte for any issue of Long Island Living magazine

For additional details, consultation and information,
please contact:

Lauren Callahan
Account Executive