Brand USA International Partnership Opportunities 2020

Brand USA Brings The World To Your Destination Doorstep

Brand USA, the nation's Official Destination Marketing Organization internationally, is committed to helping NYSTIA members bring more international visitors to their destinations within New York State. International visitors stay longer and spend more thus helping fuel your local economy. Brand USA aims to drive visitors to experience the uniqueness of New York State from inspiration through booking in the key markets of Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, and China.

We welcome NYSTIA members' participation in the I Love New York/Brand USA co-op programs which means you pay just a fraction of the overall cost of the program. Designed for small and large partners, destinations and attractions, all programs are integrated, in-country that help NYSTIA members tell their story to these all-important international audiences.

Global Inspiration Program:

Help tell the New York story by showcasing your destination or attraction in the 2020 Visit the USA Global Inspiration Program, an award winning, multi-faceted program in 9 languages and 50+ countries. All partners positioned within New York State section. Utilized by 60+ tour operators worldwide as their digital 'brochure'. Partner specific mobile takeover units. (2019 digital eBook here)

Closing: Oct 4, 2019 * Materials: Oct 11, 2019

Multi-Channel Campaigns:

Reach your best prospects through these in-country campaigns which include media channels such as Expedia, PostMedia, Google, Facebook and AdTheorent. Reporting includes individualized reporting for each participant. (New York State custom Expedia Canada page can be viewed here.) Select a country and then choose a tier level. We've selected the program timing that works best for New York State Summer and Fall visitation.

New York State's dedicated international subsite:

This custom subsite includes 15 different in-language sites and showcases New York State destinations and experiences while leveraging Brand USA's global Visit the USA sites. Visit the USA Create content from Destinations, Trips or Experience pages to tell your unique story. Or drive traffic to your existing content to ensure international visitors are seeing and engaging with your content. Includes translations into 9 languages. Evergreen content.

New Destinations, Trips, or Experience Pages: $10,000

Traffic to your Page(s): Starting at $1,200

Closing: ongoing

More information on the Brand USA I Love New York Co-op Opportunities for NYSTIA members, please click here.

To participate, please contact
Julie Armstrong
Miles Partnership