AARP 2020 NYSTIA Co-Op Targets Life Stage Travel Segments

AARP: Targeting Lifestyle Segments/Seasonality

Participants in the NYSTIA 2019 content marketing co-op were so pleased with the lead generation that we are doubling up in 2020! The 2019 AARP / NYSTIA programs target two different 50+ age segments based on life stage travel preferences and seasonal timing. The 2020 NYSTIA Co-op program will be once again be delivered in the Mid-Atlantic Region - NY, NJ and PA and feature matching space for content marketing.

In the April/May issue, we target AARP's age 50 to 59 "active & adventurous" audience, a prime audience going into key vacation months with both couples and family travel peaking. 61% of AARP members took multi-generational family vacations last year (43% more likely than non-members), a segment dominating the leisure travel market!

Later in 2020, for the Aug/Sept issue, target AARP's even larger (+60%) age 60 to 69 "empty nester" audience, a key target for autumn and winter travel destinations during off-peak months when school is in session. Financially secure with fewer obligations, 65% of AARP members took an "empty nester" vacation last year (47% more likely than non-members).

Powerfully enhancing AARP's impact and visibility for NYSTIA members, the content marketing 2-for-1 matching content offer is back for both issues planned in 2020. NYSTIA's co-op page will be matched with relevant custom travel content created by AARP Media at no additional cost!

NYSTIA Member Co-Op Rates:
  • Apr/May "Active & Adventurous" Issue: $4,550 (1/6 page); Materials due: January 6, 2020
  • Aug/Sept "Empty Nester" Issue: $6,500 (1/6 page); Materials due: May 4, 2020

For more information about AARP's audience, contact:
Dan Phillips
Integrated Account Manager
AARP Media Sales or 646-593-1998(m)

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