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Museums Advocacy Day 2024

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At Museums Advocacy Day 2024 and throughout the year, you have the power to help create lasting change that can sustain museums and museum jobs into the future. Stakes will be high this coming election year and we must continue to share our data and stories if we are to secure continued and future support for museums from Congress. Join us February 26-27, 2024 in Washington, D.C., or plan to participate in our collective movement by using our Advocate from Anywhere resources! Learn more about Museums Advocacy Day 2024

About Museums Advocacy Day:

Museums Advocacy Day is a unique opportunity to join with fellow museum professionals and supporters to speak up for museums.

For 15 years, Museums Advocacy Day has been providing the essential training and support advocates need to meet effectively with members of Congress and their staff. Museums Advocacy Day is a unique opportunity to unite with museum colleagues and supporters from across the country as one voice to reaffirm our essential values, collective contributions, and aspirations while making the critical case for museums directly to Congress.

Together as a field, we’ve defeated several threats to eliminate federal agencies supporting museums and helped secure billions of dollars in financial relief that enabled many museums to survive and saved thousands of museum jobs. As museums across the country continue to recover and serve their communities in powerful ways, we must keep making our case to Congress. Legislators do not know how their decisions affect museums if they don’t hear directly from you—the museums and people they represent. The skills, resources, information, and insights you’ll gain as a participant will help sustain your museum’s future and the future of the field, while building life-long skills you can use throughout your career.