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Lunch & Learn Webinar: Corporate Communications: Getting Started with Marketing Automation

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Online / Virtual Event

How are marketers currently using marketing automation? Are you taking advantage of lead generation solutions? When implemented properly, marketing automation will help you meet your marketing objectives based on your specific needs, goals, and resources.

This workshop will be a basic run-through to give folks an overview of...

  • Understanding what Marketing Automation is... and isn't!
  • Defining goals to help nurture leads and boost engagement
  • Accessing and choosing the right technology solutions based on your target audience's needs and behavior
  • Building smart workflows that support and enhance the customer journey
  • Creating your content strategy for emails, scheduled posts, SMS messaging, etc.
  • Testing, analyzing, and refining your strategy

Why you should Attend:

  • Find out how marketing automation will benefit your organization.
  • Are you just blasting out emails rather than actually engaging with your customer base?
  • Are you losing valuable time with manual tasks that could be automated?
  • Are you segmenting your target audiences?
  • Do you know if your email marketing strategy is driving engagement that leads to increased revenue?
  • Are you frustrated with lackluster results?

Key takeaways from this webinar:

  •  Marketing Automation is a great way to enhance your digital marketing efforts.
  • This workshop should help you...
  • discover the potential value
  • determine which solutions are the best fit
  • save time and resources with automation
  • improve customer satisfaction / increase revenue

Corporate Communications is ready to help if you’re interested in implementing or improving your marketing automation solution.

About Corporate Communications:

Corporate Communications, Inc. is a full-service digital marketing agency located in Rochester, NY. We have been solving complex marketing and communications challenges for our clients since 1992. Our team of creative thinkers enables organizations of all sizes to develop brand consistency and implement cost-effective solutions that reduce obstacles and barriers to help them meet stated business goals as well as enhance customer satisfaction. The agency is dedicated to supporting our clients ongoing marketing initiatives and improving efficiencies of workflow processes in a wide range of industries. For additional information about Corporate Communications, Inc. and our services, please call 585.262.3430, email, or visit

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