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Unlocking Marketing Success: Mastering the Marketing Funnel for Lead Generation and Conversions
Kayla Lloyd, BBG&G Integrated Marketing
Kayla Lloyd, Marketing Manager for BBG&G Integrated Marketing will be presenting on Thursday morning for an insightful session on understanding various tactics within the marketing funnel that can help you generate leads and boost conversions. By focusing on consumer buying habits and decision-making processes, you'll gain valuable insights to meet your customers where they are and empower them with the information needed to make confident choices.
Blending Datasets to Uncover Hidden Gems
Geoff Lacher, Rove
Geoff Lacher, Senior Tourism Data Analyst at Rove will be presenting their workshop, Blending Datasets to Uncover Hidden Gems. This session will be about showcasing New York State County data, they will explore multiple data sources and demonstrate how blending them together can reveal "hidden gem" insights. Join us to learn the value in layering data sources like mobile location, short-term rental and ratings and review data to provide insights that help you make better decisions.
Moneyball: Rethinking Your Social Media Game to Score Consistent Wins
Tim Kelleher, Workshop
What if you could know a little bit more about your everyday social media game? Channeling his inner Brad Pitt, Chris Parsons, Director of Social Media at Workshop, recognizes an imperfect understanding of where successful social media content comes from and shares lessons around Workshop’s results-driven method in “Moneyball: Rethinking Your Social Media Game to Score Consistent Wins.”