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Social Media Advertising

Generate awareness at the top of the funnel for your destination in new markets!

Social media advertising allows destinations to extend beyond their existing networks, expand audience reach and connect with new potential consumers. Paperkite will set up custom targeting to tap into users who are most likely to be interested in your destination with an emphasis on targeting new markets.


  • Platform set up and custom audience creation (e.g. Facebook/IG; Twitter, Pinterest);
  • Custom design and messaging in tone with your destination's brand;
  • Monthly performance report with analysis.

NYSTIA Member Rate:

Level 1 - $4000/mo Level 2 - $6000/mo, Level 3 - $9000/mo (3 Month Minimum)

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Generate leads and open a new channel of communication with your audience!

In the next 5-7 years, messenger marketing is going to capture 80% of all B2C communication. With skyrocketing open and click through rates, messenger marketing is currently an untapped communications tool that brands can take advantage of to better communicate with audiences. Paperkite will set up a chat replies and flows that engages your Facebook Messenger audience and delivers an experience far superior to email marketing.


  • Facebook chatbot strategy and set up;
  • Chat flow copy + 5 sequence messages;
  • All subscribers will opt in to both messenger and email communications;
  • Monthly performance report with analysis

NYSTIA Member Rate: $10,000 for setup and development + $750/mo for management of the channel

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