Travel Shows

NYSTIA is excited to present a series of cooperative consumer trade-shows to our member businesses providing an affordable and effective brochure distribution program for your destination to touch prospective travelers. It's simple:

1. Choose the shows that best meet your needs
2. Advise if you would like an extra piece distributed
3. Let us know if you would like to work ($75 per show rebate)

• TPA & Tier A - $250 per show
• Tier B & C - $125 per Show
• Additional Brochures (all tiers) - $100 per show

Additional brochures: $100 each, per show for all member tier levels. The content of the primary and/or additional brochures submitted by a NYSTIA member must represent your membership tier level or lower. Any additional brochures submitted by DMOs/TPAs must be produced by that DMO or TPA. NYSTIA's staff reserves the right to use their own discretion and reject any literature submitted for distribution.
Survey Leads: NYSTIA has implemented a survey software system at shows. Leads collected will be shared with participants for the shows at which the software system is set up.
Shipping: NYSTIA will notify when and where to send brochures for each show, approximately two weeks ahead of time. It is your responsibility to ensure your literature arrives to the designated receiving location on time. NYSTIA does not take responsibility for, or provide refunds for, any literature that does not arrive at the designated receiving location in time for the show dates.
Show Worker Rebate Program: NYSTIA will rebate $75 per day. Payment is made at the end of the show season. 1st come, 1st served for shifts for shows, must commit to work the show for the full day to qualify for the daily rebate. *The NYS Fair in Syracuse, NY is NOT included in the Show Worker Rebate Program.

Click HERE to review the shows program and sign up.