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11/17/2022 - Site Under Construction

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NYSTIA members can promote their destinations by offering seasonal and/or thematic packages to attract new visitors as well as off-season bargain hunters (packages must have an added value and/or discount/savings opportunity). Your packages will appear on the NYSTIA site, as well as * for the duration of your selected package. Contact 888.698.2970 or Christine for more details and questions. See subscription options below.

*Destination and Packages must meet I Love NY criteria and approved by ILNY for cross posting.

Members may LOG IN to manage NY Getaway Deals or subscribe online to one of the package options shown above.


New York Getaway Deals ( is advertised by NYSTIA in a select number of media outlets via NYSTIA cooperative marketing program.

As part of the New York Getaway Deals marketing program, your package(s) will automatically feed into * for additional promotion at no extra charge. NYSTIA also blasts its consumer subscribers on a regular basis with emails promoting the website and the latest package offerings.

*Lodging, Attractions, Destinations must meet all ILNY criteria. In most cases county TPA's have submitted your destination to ILNY - confirm you are visible on the ILNY site by clicking here