Marketing and Advertising Co-op: Media Placement Proposals

NYSTIA is seeking proposals for our 2019 cooperative advertising program, to be incorporated into a slate of options for our members. Proposals submitted by August 31, 2018 will be considered.

This year, we are focusing on media opportunities with themes that align with ILNY's advertising and marketing initiatives: Culinary/Agritourism Travel; Family Travel; Outdoor Adventure/Eco-Travel; LGBTQ Travel; Travel Trade/Group Tour/Motorcoach.

We are requesting that, for each separate advertising package you propose, you check off all items that apply; use the narrative boxes for descriptions of the programs, added value, and other “need-to-know" information.

Before submitting, please note our expectations and needs:

  • Each opportunity offered must demonstrate that it is a value opportunity for NYSTIA members and can be differentiated from rate sheet prices and placements/packages offered to Non-NYSTIA members.
  • Guarantee that NYSTIA will be held harmless if an advertising program is modified (such as downsized or canceled), due to limited or lack of participation by co-op buy-in partners.
  • Be willing to provide NYSTIA with a minimum net rate that would give us room to factor a mark-up rate for our members between 12%-15% for any media option, regardless of size/scope of final IO and placement. NYSTIA will not sign any contracts or IOs based on estimated buy-in, until ready to report final placement size/scope.
  • Before submitting, please consider if your media outlet or package conforms to at least one of the options in each category for market, theme, and media.
  • Print advertising – NYSTIA will be solely responsible for determining the sizing and unit pricing for cooperative partners, based on net rates negotiated for a page of advertising in your publication.
  • Digital/other advertising – we welcome tiered pricing options (net to you) that consider small to large budgets, and the net pricing can be easily rounded up to incorporate the NYSTIA commission (the combined rate we would charge partners).
  • Will you be willing to partner with NYSTIA to create a webinar or podcast to educate prospective buyers about the media opportunities you offer?
Submit a new form for each separate media opportunity.

Media Placement Proposal
Please Indicate the PRIMARY media placement for this proposal (select only one)
BRIEFLY itemize the ADDED VALUE opportunities proposed, if any, included in the media placement package (for instance: reader service leads or bonus leads, digital banner advertising with a print ad, inclusion in e-newsletters, event listings, etc.):
These are the desired THEMES that NYSTIA will be focusing on for 2019. Check all that LOGICALLY apply for the PRIMARY media placement in your proposal:
Check ONE OPTION for market reach that LOGICALLY applies for the PRIMARY media placement in your proposal:
This is the rate NYSTIA will pay YOU after withholding the 12-15% NYSTIA commission calculated for partner pricing.
Deadlines, if applicable, for your proposed media opportunity:
Please provide us with the correct editorial staff member (name/email/ph #), to receive our submissions for review and consideration.
This would educate prospective buyers about the media opportunities you offer.