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2022 Market New York Grant: Tourism Recovery & Resurgence

In, March 2022, The New York State Tourism Industry Association was notified that our Market New York Grant application was accepted and that we could begin work on several exciting and new initiatives to benefit the New York State Tourism Industry. More information on those initiatives, along with all our Marketing work, can be found in the links to the left.

New Initiatives:

Travel Trade Activation: ITS2023 & NYS Marketplace: Alon Tourism Solutions and the New York State Tourism Industry Association (NYSTIA) offer this unique opportunity to connect your business with the Travel Trade at ITS2023!

Grant Procedures Overview:

  • All marketing and press release approvals must be submitted through your Project #134852 grant initiative liaison (Miles Partnership, Break The Ice Media and/or ALON Marketing) for NYSTIA to review with ESD/ILNY prior to being launched. It should be clearly labeled as Market NY Project#134852.
  • Participant funding towards the grant match cannot be sourced from NYS funds of any kind. Specifically, we want to remind participants that Tourism Matching Funds and/or funds sourced from another Market New York grant may not be used to pay for participation in any programs produced under this NYSTIA Market New York Grant.

Questions or concerns should be directed to Bob Provost - with 'MNY Project#134852' in the subject line.