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Clicktivated: Interactive Video Technology

Interactive Video: Easy with Clicktivated!

Clicktivated's interactive video technology delivers significantly higher levels of “engagement" and “clickthrough" giving NYSTIA co-op marketing partners a greater yield on their video investment as well as a deeper understanding of viewer-specific interests and actionable business intelligence.

Easily transform your existing videos (on-site & paid media) into interactive experiences to create a direct path to information for your viewers. Clicktivated empowers viewers with the ability to effortlessly click, tap or touch any location or attraction of interest within a video to discover/explore and learn more without interrupting their viewing experience.

Experience Clicktivated in action: I Love NY, Daytona Beach,Explore Minnesota, Palm Springs, State of Washington

We've created exclusive pricing for all NYSTIA partners!

Base level pricing:

  • $765/ per month (2 videos included)
    • Additional discounting is available for packages of six (6) or more video activations.

What's included:

  • Clicktivation of each video (videos up to 2 minutes in length)
  • On-site distribution
  • 24-hour turnaround time
  • 12-month license to use the Clicktivated video on site
  • Business Intel: Full data/analytics reporting for each video
  • Full service hosting/ technical support
  • Custom pre-video education card

Managed service paid media pricing:

Fully interactive video ads:

  • $40,000 minimum spend
    • ~2,125,000 impressions served
  • Custom multi-media plans created for each campaign based on specific targeting parameters and campaign objectives.
  • Added Value: License to use video on-site during the campaign
  • 10% discount for additional on-site licenses when combined with a paid media campaign.


For more information or to discuss participation, contact

Chris Roebuck
CEO & Founder