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Excellence in Tourism: Call for Nominations!

It's time to nominate! The 2023 NYS Tourism Excellence Awards is the premier recognition program for New York State's tourism industry. Nominating is a once-a-year opportunity to recognize the amazing work you and your colleagues do every day to advance New York State tourism. 

Nominate your own organization, a leader, a partner in your county, or a colleague deserving of recognition. Let us know what you and your team have been up to, or let someone know how much you appreciate their hard work!

Stronger Together,

Sarah Foster Calero
Co-Chair, Tourism Excellence Awards Committee
Director of Communications & TV/Film
Oneida County Tourism

Hayley Coriaty
Co-Chair, Tourism Excellence Awards Committee
Manager, Tourism Trade & Sales, LEGENDS

2023 Award Categories & Descriptions:

2023 Tourism Excellence Awards Categories
With detailed descriptions, subcategory information, and requirements.
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Get Inspired - 2022 Recipients: