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The Travel Guide Group

$600 Per Participant

A “Virtual Travel Show" for NYSTIA Members

Special Tourism COVID-19 Recovery Program

NYSTIA has partnered with The Travel Guide Group (TTGG) to provide a special co-op program at a substantial value to increase awareness, engagement, and visitors to NYS and all participating NYSTIA member destinations and attractions.

The program will create a centralized NYS digital experience leveraging cooperative marketing resources among all partners and participants to expand the collective reach to travelers, provide them engaging content to learn more on what they will find, see, and experience, ability to request a digital and/or print travel guides from destination and attractions they are interested, and influence their decision to visit in the near future.


The Travel Guide Group (TTGG): is the leading performance based platform and marketing partner to tourism boards, CVB's, and DMO's. Since 2006, the TTGG sites such as have been a central resource for leisure travelers to find and request the best digital and print travel guides from over a 100 US destinations at any given time. This has enabled TTGG to deliver over 10 million guide requests and qualified leads for our partners. We work exclusively with the travel industry.

The Travel Guide Group also hosts additional tourism marketing opportunities including: Destination Microsites, email marketing, co-op programs, website ads, travel blogs and custom content.

Special Covid Tourism Recovery Program for NYSTIA Members: $600 net/participant

This program will create a centralized NYS destination content portal acting similar to a “virtual travel show" with dedicated travel guide and destination microsites pages for each of the participating NYSTIA destinations hosted on Participants will receive validated active traveler leads, weekly lead reports, opt-in requests to build their email lists and generate traffic to their website.

NYSTIA will create a portal page on the NYSTIA site linking directly to the special NYS destination section on, and all partners and participants will promote the special section.

These pages will provide travelers with more content, images, and insights on what they can find and experience, and inspire their decision to visit. Travelers can request digital and/or print guides of interest and click out to the specific tourism website to find even more information. The result is increased awareness and engagement of travelers and influencing their inspiration and planning to a decision to come visit.

"Working with the team executing the Travel Guide Program was a wonderful experience. Directions were easy to understand, questions were answered quickly and the best part we already received quality leads and feedback. This program just goes to show how well NYSTIA and their partners adapt to the changing marketing and tourism landscape.
If this was an online rating of the program I'd give it 5 out of 5 stars!"

- Kristy Kennedy, Director, Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau

To learn more - click here The Travel Guide Group NYTSIA “Virtual Travel Show".pdf

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