RoadRUNNER: Touring New York State On Two Wheels

RoadRUNNER: Our Audience LOVES New York, And New York LOVES Our Audience!

RoadRUNNER readers are looking for open two-lane roads and love to experience small town charm. They seek out historic areas, sample the local cuisine, enjoy the sights, and stay in local hotels. In short, they're looking for everything New York offers.

Motorcycle travelers are not the traditional family vacation tourists— they comprise a large audience of highly affluent, primarily middle-aged riders who have the time and the means to spend on multi-day tours.

RoadRUNNER readers have a median age of 54 and their household income averages $148,000. These mature Boomers have the time and money to travel, one of their favorite pastimes.

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Spring Travel Edition: 1/7/19
Fall Travel Edition: 5/19/20

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