Madden Media: Innovative, Technology-driven Marketing Solutions for Our Partners.

Madden Media and its team of 90+ professionals have partnered with Destination Marketing Organizations for 35 years, delivering compelling messages and driving increased visitation.

Madden offers NYSTiA members turnkey solutions, including sales, ad strategy, design, marketing, partner reporting and account management. We are excited to offer NYSTIA members programs proven highly effective in states, cities and designations across the nation.

We've packaged three programs for NYSTIA, all detailed in our downloadable 2019 NYSTIA Co-op Brochure and summarized below. We're happy to discuss these and have many other programs to offer based on your needs and objectives.

  • SoFi Video Production and Distribution: Unique video creation using User Generated Content (UGC) and distributed through YouTube TrueView and Facebook Ads. You will receive 15-, 30- and 60-second video cuts drawn from video consumers have uploaded to social media platforms. Your videos will be cost effectively presented in-stream on YouTube and in the newsfeed on Facebook.
    • Bronze Package: 1 video package; 11,000+ Video Views - $5,000
    • Silver Package: 2 video packages; 21,200+ Video Views - $9,000
    • Gold Package: 3 video packages; 36,700+ Video Views - $14,000
  • Search Engine Marketing: Put our 14 full-time Google-Certified digital marketers to work for you, expertly selecting relevant keywords and strategic timing to reach prospective travelers with the right information.
    • Bronze Package: 1,800+ clicks - $2,500
    • Silver Package: 6,000+ clicks - $6,000
    • Gold Package: 13,000+ clicks - $10,700
  • Prospecting Display Ads: Madden will develop geo-, demo-, contextually and/or behaviorally targeted display ads strategically designed to drive new traffic to the appropriate page of interest on your website. Retargeting strategies can be applied to even more effectively drive response and engagement with the targeted consumer.
    • Bronze Package: 544,000+ prospecting impressions; 135,000+ retargeting impressions - $4,000
    • Silver Package: 1,000,000+ prospecting impressions; 248,000+ retargeting impressions - $6,000
    • Gold Package: 1,900,000+ prospecting impressions; 475,000+ retargeting impressions - $10,000

For more information and details, download Madden Media's 2019 NYSTIA Co-op Brochure.

To discuss your needs and objectives, contact

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Partner/Sr. VP of Business Development,
Madden Media