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ROVE Marketing: Statewide Mobile Location-Based Dashboard

James Sauter
Partner, Co-founder
Rove Marketing Inc.
mobile (416) 817 7705
tel (647) 362 9466

As the pandemic hits all tourism verticals hard, traditional data sources have become less complete and inadequate in measuring more local tourism.

In partnership with UberMedia, this program seeks to provide access to mobile location-based data for all counties and regions in NYS.

Mobile location data captures cell phone signals and is used to learn the following:

  • Where are my visitors coming from?
  • What is their length of stay?
  • What do they do, where do they go?
  • What are their demographic profiles?
  • How does this change with in state vs out of state visitors?
  • How does this change with daytrippers vs overnighters?
  • How does this change throughout the year?
  • How do we compare to other destinations?

This data becomes a valuable source of insight for media planning, branding/content/messaging, itinerary development, partnerships, product development, and stakeholder management.

Regions and Counties that participate in this program will receive:

  1. Access to the statewide dashboard
  2. 3 years of data (2019, 2020, 2021 – updated monthly)
  3. Ability to add up to 30 places of interest within their region.

Projected Launch of the dashboard: January 2021

Deadline to Register: Nov 1, 2020 (This date may extend to mid-November)

Details Deck: Rove Marketing_NYSTIA_Mobile Location Data Co-op Program Description_FINAL (1).pdf


The more regions participate the lower the cost per region.

  • 1-3 Regions: $18k/region
  • 4-5 Regions: $16k/region
  • 6-9 Regions: $15k/region
  • 10 Regions: $14k/region


Flexible deferred payment plans are available. (ex: 25% up front, 75% percent in July, 2021)

For more information, contact