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BBG&G: Marketing Automation

Experience the Power of Right Time Marketing!

Work SMARTER Not Harder: Marketing Automation Packages
for Destinations, Attractions, Hotels, and Restaurants

Any tourism business can benefit from Marketing Automation! But, what is it? Got two minutes?
This short explainer video is a good place to start:


Marketing Automation is a mixture of software and strategy that allows a brand to engage with its customers in a personalized way, AND on a grand scale. The pairing of software and strategy automates repetitive tasks such as lead generation, email, and conversions, while collecting the data necessary to create a highly personalized prospective guest marketing experience.

Marketing automation lets you: determine what's working and what's not; give prospective guests and visitors the information they want – when and how they want it; and takes that burden off your shoulders.

Marketing automation allows you to:
  • Build dynamic customer lists automatically, based on behavior and interaction
  • Map email content to customer's behavior and interests
  • Develop targeted emails that engage
  • Leverage customer behavior
  • Provide real-time engagement and results
  • Move customers down the sales funnel
  • Bring data from multiple touchpoints together into a unified, actionable database

Generating leads, driving sales, measuring ROI – these are pieces of the marketing puzzle that many agencies don't address. As an integrated marketing agency, we know that strategic planning, communications, design, and implementation all need to lead somewhere.

BBG&G Advertising was the FIRST marketing automation certified agency in the Hudson Valley and Capital/Saratoga Regions. Can't get enough info on marketing automation? Here are additional informational links!

Software & Strategy:
  1. Automated Marketing: high tech, high touch personalized strategies
  2. Work Smarter: Save time, add value

The Tourism Link:

  1. Improve customer service, lead conversion, bottom line

Drip Campaigns:

  1. Mass marketing personalized to maximize consumer response
The Email Component:
  1. Let a robust, intuitive platform guide your communications


Marketing Automation is powered by a suite of tools, and it works best over time. BBG&G offers two packages that each include 12 months of continuous service.

Tier One: Annual Budget - $12,500

  • Subscription to software
  • Importing of database(s) for email distribution
  • Setting up your websites to track website traffic and engagement
  • Setting up Lead Scoring to identify hot leads
  • Visitor ID identification of many of your 'anonymous' visitors to your sites, thus increasing the size of your databases
  • Segment lists by interest (up to four segments)
  • 9 Newsletters: Template design, layout and dissemination
  • Inclusion of dynamic links and one dynamic article within e-newsletter (after three to six months)
  • Reports on eNewsletters (open rate, click through rate, etc.)
  • Development of dynamic email list(s) of New Website Visitors
  • Database updates as needed

Tier Two: Annual Budget - $8,000

Tier One support, but with these changes:

  • Quarterly Newsletter (instead of monthly): Template design, layout and dissemination
  • Reports on Quarterly eNewsletters (open rate, click through rate, etc.)
  • Segment lists by interest (two segments)

Click HERE for a printable PDF with all the details.

Call or email with questions, or to schedule a meeting.

Deborah Garry, President