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ALON/DONYS: 2020 On-Demand Travel Trade Programs and Opportunities

ALON's programs can be exclusively designed for your destination and supplier stakeholders and/or individual company co-ops to collectively pursue sales efforts and relationships with the travel trade. Our services also include organizing co-op trade show booths; familiarization (FAM) tours; and custom private sales events; please inquire. Dates of any of the below based on your schedule! Download the details HERE!


New York City Business Development Co-Op
(New York City, New York):
$2,000 pp/4 pax minimum

Participate in organized NYC sales calls to help your destination or business develop strategic relationships with key travel trade buyers. Visit their offices and have an intimate meeting, along with face-to-face sales presentations, with travel product managers and support members. Each supplier partner is required to participate in at least 3 consecutive rotations (10-12 meetings per rotation).

Florida Sales Calls and Networking Events
(Greater Miami and Orlando, Florida):
$2,250 pp/12 pax minimum

Although NYC is home to major U.S. receptive operators and DMCs in the country, Miami and Orlando come in a close second. Conduct in-office presentations, in both Miami and Orlando, with U.S. receptive operators and group tour operators. These buyers' clients are from global markets, including South America, Europe and the U.K., sending FIT, group, event and incentive clients to New York. Meet key companies in the international inbound travel trade.

California Sales Calls and Networking Events
(Greater Pasadena and Los Angeles, California):
$2,500 pp/12 pax minimum
China is one of the fastest-growing inbound travel markets to the United States, and it is consistently moving up the ranks as one of the largest visitor markets. Chinese visitors spend more in the U.S. than other international travelers, averaging $6,707 per person (U.S. Travel Association, 2017). California is home to some of the most notable Asian receptive operators in the USA. Participate in in-office sales calls with these very significant buyers. This intimate setting affords you the opportunity to have individual conversations with these buyers servicing the growing Asian market.

NYC Sales Exchange & Networking Reception
(Midtown Manhattan, New York)
$1,595 pp/12 pax minimum

This event includes individual sales appointments followed by a networking reception with key representatives from international receptive operators, DMCs, incentives, tour operators and domestic motorcoach tour operators all promoting and selling New York. These buyers work in global markets sending many visitor types: FIT, groups, fly-drives, corporate, leisure, meetings, incentives, events, special interest, etc., to New York. Take this opportunity to get in front of influential companies that are always looking for new ideas for their clients. Because these buyers are based in the Greater NYC area, once you know them it is easier to communicate and successfully set up site inspections/FAM tours to experience your product/region.

Custom Sales Missions/Tradeshows
for any international market

You are not limited to the above destinations. We can craft an international sales mission or attend international trade shows based on which markets you want to achieve visitation from.

Interested? Contact Jennifer or Halee and let's discuss your objectives!

Jennifer Ackerson

Halee Rischert

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