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Trajectory Sports & Media Group: Recommendation services

CURIOSITY is a Basic Human Instinct and synonymous with interest and the spirit of discovery. It drives tourism because people want to know more and see more. Destinations respond to curiosity by creating websites that are full of content. Descriptions, stories and blogs are generated by users as well as the enterprise. Sites can now have thousands of pages. Content volume will only increase – it's a fact.

Trajectory offers RECOMMENDATION services. It focuses on making the connection between your ever-growing content volume and individual website visitors 1-on-1 in real time. Recommendation co-exists with your site's current menus and Keyword Search, and offers new revenue generating opportunities.

Free website visitors from the burden of typing keywords into a search box. Offer real-time recommendations that match visitor interests and motivations 1-on-1 in real time. Apply AI with Natural Language Understanding to boost page views and time-on-site.

Help the 75% of website visitors who do not use Keyword search. Visitors stay longer and spend more when they find topics of interest and are engaged. There is no limit the number of pages a website has. Put your full inventory to use by making it easy to find and enjoy.

Recommendations work. Take full advantage of your ever-growing content volume by helping visitors find what interests them most, without asking them type and scroll. Recommend the products and services that will be of greatest interest to individual visitors 1-on-1. More pages will be read and time-on-site will increase. Sponsors spend more when they are offered something new.

"SEO with AI has been a great addition to our website, and we have received very positive feedback... What people like most is having a choice when exploring our site - either the traditional menu at the top of the page or the real-time menus of suggestions tailored to each visitor individually."
Joanna Frang, Executive Director, Barrett Art Center

Site Menu vs Keyword Search vs Recommendation.

Site Menu: Page title only <> Keyword Search: Page title, snippet, a few key words
Recommendation: Page title, snippet, a few key words PLUS every word on every page read and understood for meaning, context and relevance to all other pages on site.

NYSTIA Member Rate:

  • Set up/Annual Update: $2,500;
  • Recommendation Service: $250/month;
  • Total Annual Investment: $5,500

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