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Cumulus Media: Digital Made Easy

Cumulus Digital platforms deliver results! We offer NYSTIA members a variety of targeted products and platforms to best reach the exact consumer that you are looking to reach. In addition, Cumulus also helps with design / creative and provide analytics on all assets at no additional charge. Our digital products are cost effective, offering advertisers a targeted way to reach their consumers. Case studies are available for any of the products listed below.

Geofencing Campaigns

Target your customers strategically by messaging them when they are physically where you want them! Examples include campaigns directed at festival/event attendees who may be interested in a similar event you are promoting or who are simply nearby and more apt to visit your destination. Target your home team's away game to offer travel packages to fans of the opposing team to make the trip when their team is playing locally.

NYSTIA Member Rates

Tier 1: 1,500,000 impressions/month: $16,500 ???

Tier 2: 750,000 impressions/month: $8,250

Facebook & Instagram Standard, Carousel & Video Ads

Target known social media followers and enthusiasts with demonstrated interest in the activities and behaviors you are promoting. This could apply to any group from skiers to craft beer enthusiasts to adventure and LGBTQ travelers.

NYSTIA Member Rates

Premium Budget: $15,000/month Plus Youtube TruView Ads

Standard Budget: $7,500/month

Custom Branded Content

Build the content inventory on your website and increase the effectiveness of your communications outreach/SEO.

NYSTIA Member Rates

4 custom created blog posts: $1,000/month

2 custom created blog posts: $500/month

Custom Native Display:

Appeal to your consumers using custom developed content extolling the features and attributes of your destination addressing topics like craft beer or wine trails, ski resorts, family and/or LGBTQ travel itineraries. We'll work with you to develop relevant and effective content.

NYSTIA Member Rates

Tier 1: 500,000 impressions/month $5,500

Tire 2: 200,000 impressions/month $2,200

Banner/Display: People-Based Marketing

Target audiences with digital display ad campaigns reaching the consumers who care. Keyword targeting and other tools enable us to direct your message to individuals with demonstrated interest in the features, events and activities you are promoting.

NYSTIA Member Rate

Tier 1: 1,000,000 impressions/month $14,000

Tier 2: 500,000 impressions/month: $7,000

Value Added Option 1: Cumulus Digital to guarantee all impressions ordered will be met.
Value Added Option 2: Full reporting on all campaigns.
Value Added Option 3: All creative/design of digital assets to be included at no additional charge to NYSTIA or its members.

Reservation Due Date: One week in advance recommended, but will accommodate immediate turnaround if needed and feasible.

Materials Due By: 48 hour turnaround for digital media

For details, contact Melissa Kleinman |