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Advance Media New York: Digital targeting within premium content

Target families, baby boomers, millennials or LGBT audiences with targeted display ads on very powerful premium publishers in New York State or throughout the Northeast!

Running advertising within premium publisher content provides brands with peace of mind that they won't appear next to questionable content while benefiting from a brand halo posturing their brand as a local, dependable option.

Reach consumers from New York and strategic neighboring states who LOVE NY and its first class travel experiences! We will work with you to allocate digital display impressions based on your needs and goals. Mix & match any or all of our premium publisher websites when you buy!

NYSTIA Member Rates (Digital Display & Re-messaging):
Based on a three (3) month minimum; :15 & :30 video ads can be used; impressions will vary slightly.

LEVEL 1: 257,333 monthly impressions; 771,999 total impressions
< Rate: $3,000/mth; $9,000 total >

LEVEL 2: 480,000 monthly impressions; 1,440,000 total impressions

< Rate: $6,000/mth; $18,000 total >

LEVEL 3: 800,000 monthly impressions; 2,400,000 total impressions
< Rate: $10,000/mth; $30,000 total >

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