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AAA Digital: A new era

YOUR AAA NETWORK, with its daily web stories, digital events calendar and mobile-friendly HTML magazine, offers a way for advertisers to reach the most digitally engaged members of AAA Northeast. We have built a roster of approximately 500,000 AAA members who have opted in to this multi-platform experience. They are hungry for regular travel tips, money-saving ideas and trustworthy digital content from the same brand they've been relying on for more than 100 years.This means your brand and messaging are aligned with best-in-class digital content produced by AAA Northeast and consumed by our most motivated and engaged members.

"Fulton County Tourism is very pleased with our AAA email campaign results...There was a noticeable spike in our website traffic... and a noticeable increase in direct requests for visitor information resulting from the email." Gina DaBiere-Gibbs, Tourism Director, Fulton-Montgomery County Tourism.

2018 Email Stats:

  • Annual Volume: 84,700,000 emails sent; 30,800,000 unique opened; 2,700,000 clicks
  • Engagement: Open rate: 37.14%; CTR: 3.35%
  • Platform/Device: Mobile: 43%; Tablet: 19%; Desktop: 38%

2018 Website Stats:

  • Average Monthly Volume: 866,000 pageviews; 292,000 user sessions; 142,000 unique users
  • Platform/Device: Mobile: 46%; Tablet: 15%; Desktop: 39%

NYSTIA Co-op Pricing: AAA Native Packages

Custom Content Generation * Web Edition Magazine Ad * Email Extra * Email Newsletter Text Ads * Digital Sponsorship of a Web Channel * Lead Generation

Tier 1: 3 Months - $51,583 <> Tier 2: 1 Month - $18,969

NYSTIA Co-op Pricing: AAA Display Packages

Web Edition Magazine Ad * Email Newsletter Text Ads * Digital Sponsorship of a Web Channel

Tier 1: 12 Months - $26,361 <> Tier 2: 6 Months - $15,252 <> Tier 3: 3 Months - $8,787


  • Packages run monthly
  • Reservations due 45 days prior to launch month
  • Materials due 30 days prior to launch month for custom articles
  • Materials due 15 days prior to launch month for display ads

For a complete overview of the AAA/NYSTIA 2019 program, click HERE for the brochure.

Contact Matt to learn more about our enhanced offerings for 2019.


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