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NYS Coronavirus Update: Orange County Cluster Exits Red Zone -- Thanksgiving Gatherings -- Mask Mandates in Schools Oct 28, 2020

- We continue to focus our attention on the "micro-cluster" areas throughout the…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: Expanded Testing for MTA Workers -- California Added to Travel Advisory Oct 28, 2020

- Our country is seeing a surge in COVID; there have been almost half a million…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: New #MaskUp Campaign -- New York's COVID Battle-Plan Oct 26, 2020

- As we continue to fight against COVID-19, it's clear that masks help stop the…  read more →

U.S. TRAVEL WEBINARS: A Global Effort: The Road to Reopening International Air Travel Oct 25, 2020

- Wednesday, Oct. 28 @ 12:00 PM. ETAs the travel and tourism industry around the…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: Halloween Guidance -- Early Voting Begins Tomorrow Oct 23, 2020

- With Halloween just around the corner, I want to remind New Yorkers to enjoy…  read more →

Meet Kristy Kennedy, Vice President Marketing & Business Development for the Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau Oct 22, 2020

- Kristy Kennedy is the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for…  read more →


- Tori BarnesU.S. Travel and the COVID RELIEF NOW Coalition continue to put as…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: COVID Fatigue -- Rapid Testing in Cortland Oct 22, 2020

- COVID anxiety is real. COVID stress is real. COVID depression is real. I…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: Micro-Cluster Strategy Metrics -- Regional Positivity Rates -- Testing Along the Pennsylvania Border Oct 21, 2020

- New York's micro-cluster strategy is designed to reduce the spread of COVID…  read more →

NYSTIA Board of Directors welcomes Joanne Conley of Warren County Oct 21, 2020

NYSTIA's newest board member is Joanne Conley, Warren County Tourism Director…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: Micro-Cluster Strategy -- States Added to Travel Advisory -- Commercial Evictions Moratorium Extended Oct 20, 2020

- One of the lessons we learned in New York is that we need to look ahead to…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: Update on Numbers -- Positive Percentages in Each Region Oct 16, 2020

- New York's numbers remain steady, despite the handful of clusters we are…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: Enforcing Compliance in Red Zones -- Time Running Out to Complete Census Oct 14, 2020

- The state continues to take action to address the micro-clusters where…  read more →

ESTO Webinar: Storytelling During COVID: Cost Effective Approaches to Engagement Oct 14, 2020

- Thursday, October 22, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. ET- COVID-19 has disrupted travel…  read more →

Assessing Recovery Webinar: The Technologies Revolutionizing the Future of Travel Oct 14, 2020

- Thursday, October 15, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. ET - Join us tomorrow, Thursday,…  read more →

Charlie Daley: Support the "NEW" and Exciting Auction Fundraiser And Online Tourism Promotion Oct 14, 2020

- To all my NYSTIA colleagues,The Destinations of New York State travel,…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: States Added to Travel Advisory -- SUNY Grants for the Best PPE Ideas Oct 13, 2020

- New York's state COVID numbers remain steady overall, but we are continuing to…  read more →

ACT NOW: COVID RELIEF NOW Coalition partners! Oct 13, 2020

Based on a significant number of discussions on the status of negotiations,…  read more →

NYS Coronavirus Update: Deploying Rapid Test Kits Across the State -- Domestic Violence Awareness Month Oct 9, 2020

- From day one, testing has been among the most vital tools we have to…  read more →