Marketing Co-Op Overview & Guidelines

- Co-Op participation is open to all members, both providers and clients.

are developed to provide a member benefit that addresses the objectives of both the destination marketer and the Co-Op provider. (both must be members) It is essential in this process that the members articulate their goals/objectives/needs. It is also essential that the Co-Op provider clearly address how their product or service will successfully meet those needs and how that success will be documented (e.g. outcomes that are measurable, quantifiable, etc).

Here are basic NYSTIA Co-Op guidelines:

Co-Ops are developed to enable NYSTIA members to:

  • Enjoy a preferred relationship with the Co-Op partner superior to what they would enjoy outside of the NYSTIA partnership.
  • Take advantage of the collective voice and purchasing power of the NYSTIA partners by
    • Aggregating campaign voice,
    • Creating larger, unified messaging impact and/or
    • Enhancing the strategic value of a Co-Op program or resource through broader participation than would otherwise occur.
  • Co-Op relationships are typically (not always) managed by the NYSTIA staff:
    • Members contract for Co-Op participation through NYSTIA.
    • NYSTIA contracts with the Co-Op provider for fulfillment.
    • NYSTIA works with the Co-Op provider to coordinate NYSTIA deadlines and specs for each program.
    • NYSTIA provides creative support as appropriate, and in those cases will also manage ILNY brand guidelines/approval.
    • NYSTIA manages member invoicing and pays the Co-Op provider.
  • Co-Op pricing should meet the following criteria:
    • NYSTIA members should receive a preferred rate through the Co-Op that is superior to the rate they would receive individually. This criteria can also be met by providing a “value-add" component that increases the value to the NYSTIA member.
    • The preferred rate must include an allocation or similar revenue provision that enables NYSTIA to meet its administrative and direct costs associated with the program.
  • Co-Op programs can be dynamic over the course of the program year in order to offer NYSTIA members the best possible opportunities, programs and pricing.
    • New products and services may be added.
    • Existing programs can be adjusted or dropped, provided NYSTIA members already involved are not disadvantaged in the process.