Travel Trade Activation

Market New York Project #134852: Tourism Industry Recovery & Resurgence

Travel Trade Activation Program: Direct B2B Sales ROI

Pre-Call Positioning * B2B Sales Implementation * Increased ROI

Join us to expedite international tourism development in New York State. These set destinations up for success through activating suppliers to provide competitive products and services needed to sell New York State destinations on the global tourism stage and create greater ROI from tourism marketing effort. New York State DMOs and their tourism suppliers can then implement sales and marketing tactics to establish and/or increase ROI from successful B2B tourism partnerships.

This travel trade activation benefits tourism suppliers of any kind!

Attraction * Activity * Tour Guide * Accommodation * Cultural * Arts * Dining * Beverage * Retail * Service * Nightlife * Festival * Event * Transportation * Sports * Outfitters * Parks & Recreation


Statewide: (Available for all New York State DMOs and tourism suppliers)
Timing: May/June and Sept/Oct 2022
Travel Trade Activation: ALON will deliver marketing activation sessions available for all New York State regions. Participants will develop the creative to effectively participate later in the sales activation.

Destination Specific: (Available first come, first serve to three (3) New York State DMOs / Destinations)
Timing: 2022, specific dates determined in consultation with the destination
Travel Trade Activation (hosted by destination) New York State DMO and their stakeholders can participate in receiving two tailored, destination sessions to develop targeted sales and marketing products strategically align with their specific travel trade needs. This activation will prepare the destination with the best practices in maximizing tourism marketing efforts with the travel trade.
Travel Trade Workshop Following the two tailored sessions, each host destination and their tourism suppliers will participate in a travel trade workshop with two travel trade operators looking to expand their NYS products.
Cost per Partner: $19,500; Grant Contribution: $13,221; Destination Investment: $6,279

Sales Activation Activities: (Participation limited as indicated below)
Timing: Fall 2022, various dates TBD

  • Virtual Business Development Co-Op: *10 eligible New York State DMOs and/or suppliers
    Virtually attend pre-organized NYS focused sales calls with 12 key inbound operator businesses to develop strategic relationships together. NYS tourism businesses will be introduced to international inbound tour operators, destination management companies, and domestic tour operators across the major gateways of the United States (New York City, Florida, and California)
    Cost per Co-Op Partner: $3,750; Grant Contribution: $2,540 Partner Investment: $1,210
  • RTO Summit Presence Opportunity: *12 eligible New York State DMOs and/or suppliers
    ALON Marketing Group will represent and introduce your tourism business during pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings with inbound operators at RTO Summit East, a boutique conference that focuses on bringing together inbound operators and tourism suppliers! ALON is a trusted source by inbound operators for New York product, so these buyer's get the most out of their appointments by learning about more than one supplier from a partner they trust.
    Cost Per Partner: $950; Grant Contribution: $644; Partner Investment: $306

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