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Destination Optimization is a foundational initiative for DMOs aimed at improving the quality of your market's organic representation across the major travel search and planning products, including Google, Yelp and TripAdvisor.

We believe that the destinations that recover fastest will be the ones that can help local businesses inspire consumer confidence to push interest into action. The program is particularly relevant as a proactive approach to assist economic recovery in your community and enable impacted businesses to have their best foot forward, digitally, as travel resumes.

Comprehensive Destination Audit

The Audit demonstrates how visitors are searching for your destination and uncovers what they find when they do. In addition, local business listings are evaluated for completeness and quality on Google, Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Six Month Activation Program

Following the priority action items identified in the Destination Audit, Miles provides the support needed to optimize the destination's presence. This includes improving the completeness of local business listings, adding missing POIs, and creating branded, trackable distribution of DMO's high-quality photos.

Industry Education & Support

Your local businesses' Google Business profile is your single largest source of organic visibility online. Google My Business is foundational for businesses to reach their customers and inspire confidence and conversion. This program will provide digital upskilling for businesses through two Google My Business training workshops and one-on-one support from the Miles team.


Tier 1: Counties & Regional DMOs -

  • Up to 1,000 business listings audited: Google (all) + Yelp (attractions, dining & accommodations) & Trip Advisor (hotels)
  • Up to 200 DMO-owned images added to locations on Google Maps

Tier 2: Single-Market DMOs -

  • Up to 500 business listings audited: Google (all) + Yelp (attractions, dining & accommodations) & Trip Advisor (hotels)
  • Up to 150 DMO-owned images added to locations on Google Maps

Tier 3: Small/Rural DMOs -

  • Up to 250 business listings audited: Google (all) + Yelp (attractions, dining & accommodations) & Trip Advisor (hotels)
  • Up to 75 DMO-owned images added to locations on Google Maps

TESTIMONIAL: "Through a VISIT FLORIDA Co-op, Visit Central Florida began working with the Google DMO Partnership team at Miles Partnership in 2018. The team has assisted us with creating and enhancing our Google My Business agency account, claiming 25+ non-traditional Polk County locations (county and city parks), and uploading more than 1,100 images that have been viewed more than 24.4 million times. We also hosted two Google My Business Workshops, providing educational opportunities for Polk County businesses. The Google DMO Partnership offers a highly cost effective amount of support and behind-the-scenes work our staff could not do on our own. We recommend this partnership and Miles Partnership to New York State Tourism Industry Association."

Kris Keprios, Senior Tourism & Marketing Sales Manager, Visit Central Florida

CONTACT me to schedule a time to determine your community's needs:

Julie Armstrong, Global Marketing Executive
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Miles_Logo_Color_BUSA.pngMiles Partnership is a global marketing agency focused solely on travel and tourism, with 65 years of experience marketing state, city and regional destinations in the U.S. and abroad. Destination marketing organizations, economic development offices, state parks, resorts and restaurants all trust us with their branding, marketing, community support and media-buying needs. Miles Partnership pioneered the concept of Destination Optimization - expanding the role of destination marketing organizations to organically influence the quality of information across major travel-planning platforms that help inform critical decisions. Miles' support for tourism businesses via Destination Optimization began in 2017 and the initiative has been growing steadily since then, supporting more than 200 destination marketing organizations, from major metros to rural counties.