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ROVE Marketing: Drive Economic Growth Through Visitor Satisfaction!

Fuel your destination development strategy with brand experience data.

As tourism becomes increasingly competitive, its evermore important visitors have a great experience in our state. Data from TRAVELSAT shows that a positive experience has a meaningful impact on the bottom line. Travelers spend 27% more in-destination, are 4.5 times more likely to recommend, and 3 times more likely to return when they have a positive experience. With this in mind, NYSTIA is offering a co-op program to help regions measure their visitor satisfaction so we can all improve our brand experience.

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Through a collaboration with Rove Marketing, NYSTIA members can gain access to TRAVELSAT, a data platform that collects visitor sentiment data using social and survey-based data to manage and analyze your destination's competitiveness.

With this Co-op program, you will be able to:

  1. Measure and benchmark visitor experience against your competitive markets and traveler segments.
  2. Understand visitors' perception of your destination.
  3. Access your partners' rating and review data from Google, TripAdvisor, Expedia, and more, all in one online dashboard.
  4. Collect visitor satisfaction data across 60+ dimensions using the NYSTIA visitor satisfaction survey.
  5. Produce custom reports and share insights with your partners to help develop your destination.
  6. And much more…

Scalable to any size DMO, TPA, or organization, the TRAVELSAT Co-op program includes:

  • Access to the online dashboard with your region's properties (hotels, attractions, restaurants) listed.
  • Option to offer local partners access to the dashboard.
  • Ability to manage reviews and respond to them within the dashboard.
  • NYSTIA quarterly and annual New York State Brand Experience Reports.
  • An option to integrate the NYSTIA TRAVELSAT visitor satisfaction survey.
  • 6 months of past data from point of registration.
  • Turnkey implementation.


Program pricing is based on the individual needs of each region. For more information on pricing for your region, please contact Christine Hoffer or James Sauter.

  • Option to co-fund with regional properties (attractions, restaurants, hotels).
  • Matching Funds Program eligibility
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Payments made through NYSTIA

For more information on the TRAVELSAT Brand Experience NYSTIA Co-Op program, please CLICK HERE.

To discuss participating in the Co-Op, please contact
James Sauter
Partner, Co-Founder
Rove Marketing

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