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2019 NYSTIA Digital Co-op Programs

The NYSTIA digital co-op programs grew in 2017 and 2018 as many of our members embraced the new tools, technologies and innovative techniques made possible in the virtual marketing ecosystem. I expect that 2019 will continue the growth trend as NYSTIA's marketing partners share their capabilities with you on the pages linked below.

Explore the partner pages linked below and discover opportunities to advantage your destination and drive economic vitality in your local communities. Please use the NYSTIA Digital Co-op Summary Sheet to review and reserve your digital marketing selections and make your 2019 NYSTIA co-op marketing plans.

I hope that you have also reviewed the 2019 NYSTIA Travel Show opportunities and selected the shows best suited to your destination and consumer audiences using our new online registration page.

The 2019 NYSTIA Print and Multimedia Co-op programs are also available and most also include integrated print and digital programs - please look them over to be sure you are selecting the best match for your marketing needs.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or suggestions about any of our programs. NYSTIA is here to facilitate your success and can do so only with your input and support.

Have a great day, wishing you all success in 2019!

Bob Provost