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2019 NYSTC Presentations

The 2019 NYSTC Presentations.

BRAND USA Thursday slides 1-32  (3.4 MB)
BRAND USA Thursday Part 1
BRAND USA Slides 33-65  (4.8 MB)
BRAND USA Thursday Part 2
NYS Canals  (4.1 MB)
Presented by Brain Stratton - Thursday Morning
LEGOLAND  (679.2 KB)
Presented by Phil Royle - Friday Morning
Citrus Connection  (7 MB)
Presented by Tom Phillips
Presented by Julie Armstrong Friday Morning
Corporate Communications Web Accessibility  (603.3 KB)
Presented by Bren Jobe
WORKSHOP ADA/Accessibility Engagement  (356.3 KB)
Presented by Sara Cook
WPI Student Presentation  (3.8 MB)
Presented by Michael Capobianco, Clark Ewen, and Matthew Hoffer
Consumer Engagement Panel  (2.2 MB)
Presented by Steve Williams
Visit ROC _VIC Presentation  (1.5 MB)
Presented by Greg LaDuca
VantEdge Partnership Panel  (1.2 MB)
Presented by Andrea Bornheim
Destination Niagara USA EXP Partnership Presentation  (666 KB)
Presented by Lana Perlman
MADDEN Media - Thursday Lunch  (7 MB)
Presented by Dan Janes
Orange County Tourism Presentation  (3.5 MB)
Presented by Amanda Dana
NY Best Experiences - Community Engagement Presentation  (668.2 KB)
Presenter - Josiah Brown
LEGOLAND - Community Engagement  (2.6 MB)
Presenter Phil Royle
BTIM - Destination on the Left Pod Cast Interviews Episode 1  (75.7 KB)
2019 NYSTC Pod Cast Interviews