Spotlight Speakers - Annual Meeting

Jim Siplon
Chief Water and Operating Officer
JUST Water

Jim Siplon is the Chief Operating Officer of JUST Water, an innovative new startup in the consumer goods industry located in Glens Falls, NY. Seeking to make its products better for everyone, JUST is retooling the bottled water space first with a ground-breaking product in renewable packaging, sourced from a first of its kind collaborative and fair-trade water agreement with the city of Glens Falls, NY and being produced in a former church. These and many other attributes are part of a larger scale effort to re-imagine the way consumer goods go to market with the intended result of better products, better business models and better communities for all.

Jim Siplon is also the founder and President of Rethinkh20, an innovative company based in North Carolina and California that helps large scale water users Reduce, Reuse and Rethink their water consumption and costs. Rethinkh2o has many large-scale projects across the country ranging from factories to hospitals to urban mixed-use facilities, saving clients millions of gallons of water and associated costs while helping address the challenge of water scarcity.

Jim has a long background in water, industrial operations and technology formore than 20 years after 8 years as an officer in the US Air Force. He has held senior positions at MCI, GE, Roll International and Teleflora before becoming the Managing Director of Fiji Water. It was in Fiji that Jim became aware of the need for innovation in the industrial water space while trying to reduce Fiji Water's carbon footprint and water intensity.Upon leaving Fiji, Jim led large scale water efforts in New Zealand, Africa and the US joining JUST in 2014. Jim has an undergraduate degree in astrophysics from Utah State University and an MBA from Boston University.

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