2021 Speaking Proposal Review & Submission

2021 NYSTIA Presentation Proposal - Share Your Expertise!

NYSTIA is seeking professionals who are able to share best practice, emerging techniques and/or technologies, success stories and new initiatives. In particular, we're looking for presenters who will empower and enable our members to take their game to the next level and improve their destination marketing, management and stewardship practices. NYSTIA members are decision makers in the tourism industry who want to apply what they learn to their organization- be prepared to not just tell them how to do - but show them how to do it.

Topics of any kind are of interest so long as they contribute to the general advancement of New York's State's tourism industry. Bear in mind, they should be relevant to individuals and organizations working at the the local or regional level.

NYSTIA provides a variety of options for member to member engagement.

  • New York State Tourism Conference
    • April 21, 22 and 23
  • During monthly statewide member meetings
  • NYSTIA Webinar Series
  • NYSTIA Annual Meeting & Tourism Excellence Awards
    • October 20, 21 and 22

NYSTIA uses GoToWebinar. which allows for custom webinar invitations, registration pages, automated email reminders and post event analytics.

2021 NYSTIA - Share Your Expertise!

Wednesday, April 21 from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Business Resilience! A series of sessions addressing strategies and tactics enabling small business to thrive, not just survive, in the months and years ahead. The goal of these sessions is to allow the attendee to implement the the tools presented - Right Now!

The New York State Tourism Conference presents an opportunity for attendees, NYS tourism stakeholders from across the state and those that support them, to network, learn, explore and celebrate.

Conference Goals
The NYSTC goal is to provide attendees, an opportunity to connect and learn from our presenters and each other. The conference allows attendees the chance to discuss what's happening in the industry, to network and collaborate.

The COVID-19 provides new challenges to the industry and we encourage you to consider this as part of your presentation.

Presentation format
We are looking for the best dynamic speakers in your organization that can offer a "Ted Talk" type session. The committee will be selecting speakers who can offer a "national level" of content expertise in a fun and education way.


  • In-House Social Media
  • In-House PR
  • Storytelling
  • Small Business Grant Writing
  • Collaboration

Selection Process
The NYSTC committee reviews all proposals to ensure we have diversity in our presenters and topic selections, while providing quality, authentic and unique programming.

Please complete the form below - if you have questions, reach out to Christine at 518-502-4788 or Christine@nystia.org


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To help small businesses recover, thrive and grow. How will your session meet this objective. 100 word maximum
Please include previous speaking, as a video is a plus. This should not be a "case study" type presentation, but national content education. 500 word maximum.
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