WPI - Promoting Rural Tourism Through Inclusion an IQP Project

Project Description:

When it comes to ensuring that those with disabilities can fully enjoy an activity, the key is making sure to utilize all 5 senses in the activities. It is important to accommodate for not only those with mobility issues, but also individuals with sensory impairments. By combining real world examples of accommodation recommendations our team made in Ecuador with input from renowned disabled travel bloggers, we can show that even the most rural of destinations can have something for everyone.

Points for the talk will include incorporation of all 5 senses, modifying activities to fit everyone's needs, and identifying areas where someone may have a hard time participating. These will be reinforced with examples from our project to show how our talking points can be applied to the real world. We'll include details on our process for analyzing the facilities, which can realistically be applied to any tourist destination.

IQP Description:

The Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) is one of the most distinctive elements of the WPI Plan and WPI's signature project-based curriculum, giving every WPI student the experience of working in interdisciplinary teams to solve a problem or need that lies at the intersection of science and society.

Unlike an academic course, this nine-credit-hour requirement involves students working in teams, with students not in their major, to tackle an issue that relates science, engineering, and technology to society. Sustainability serves as a common theme for IQPs, many of which address problems related to energy, environment, sustainable development, education, cultural preservation, and technology policy.

WPI and the Ecuador Community Based Inclusion Team are honored to have the opportunity to present our project and best practices to the attendees of the New York State Tourism Conference.