Partnership Engagement

In this session the discussion of the importance of going beyond your media plan and delving into how we can manage the visitors experience through training and outreach.

Greg LaDuca, Senior Director, Membership & Visitor Services, Visit Rochester
The Visit Rochester's Visitor Industry Council (VIC) has been in existence for over 30 years. Providing partners and affiliates in the Rochester/Finger Lakes hospitality community with the opportunity to engage and collaborate with each other through monthly educational meetings, extensive committee work, collaborative programs and networking events.

Representatives of industry segments including lodging, dining, services, retail, transportation, attractions, local/ regional colleges, etc. are empowered to affect change and provide an environment of growth and support for its members. In this session Greg will highlight the impact of including the broader community.

Lana Perlman, Director of Visitor Services, Destination Niagara USA
EXP Niagara is the official destination education and visitor services online training program facilitated by Destination Niagara USA that provides the Niagara Falls USA hospitality and tourism community with the knowledge and tools needed to enhance visitor experiences by educating them on our destination's tourism product as well as customer service tips designed specifically for our visitors.

The program highlights Niagara Falls USA's tourism product, by featuring four thematic videos of our area attractions, while also offering videos on customer service, the Niagara Falls USA brand and an introduction to local hospitality and tourism industry and economy. EXP launched 2016 and has certified 550 Niagara Falls USA hospitality and tourism community members.

Lana will speak to the success of EXP Niagara with the International market specifically, the Chinese market.

Andrea Bornheim, President/CEO VantEdge E-Learning
A well-informed front-line staff promoting your destination is key to increasing visitor spending and engagement. In this case study session, you will learn how Cayuga County Office of Tourism's eLearning program trained over 100 tourism partners to be Marketing Ambassadors for the destination, in less than six months. Marketing Ambassador program participants embark on fun, interactive virtual fam tours during the learning process, while developing the skills to cross-sell the destination and provide an exceptional visitor experience. CCOT's highly successful Certified Marketing Ambassador program won a 2018 NYSTIA Tourism Excellence Award and has become a model for successful destination ambassador programs.

You will leave with an understanding of:

  • The steps for creating a successful online Marketing Ambassador program
  • Inclusive learning strategies that engage participants from all backgrounds and ages
  • The criticality of employing adult learning best practices for success
  • How to engage tourism partners to embrace and complete the program

Andrea will chat about the need to include staff in your outreach and education.