Consumer Engagement

How to leverage your outreach to new markets domestically and internationally by preparing to welcome visitors from many cultures, nations and lifestyles.

Dr. Donathan Brown and Cindy Rodriguez, ADK Diversity Solutions, a human resources consulting firm, will discuss both policy and procedural enhancements that tourism professionals and businesses can employ to attract and retain a more diverse client base, while too creating more inclusive communities. The goal of this discussion is to provide tourism industry leaders with the tools to create and sustain diverse and inclusive practices that will enhance their visitors experience and competitive edge.

Dionne Williams, National Sales Manager, Visit Buffalo Niagara
Are you properly prepared to attract and engage diverse groups and meetings to your destination? Are you showcasing your destination as inclusive and welcoming? Do your marketing material speak to who you are as a community? Dionne will share her experiences and things to consider in the group travel and trade sector.

Sam Filler, Executive Director, The New York Wine and Grape Foundation
Wine tourism serves as a huge driver of the NYS tourism economy. It generates wine sales, creates hospitality jobs, and draws visitor attention to the State's cultural and historical assets. In an effort to act as the leader in branding New York wines, and the winery experience, the New York Wine & Grape Foundation and our wine trail partners recognized that a refreshed approach to marketing practices should be explored in order to ensure continued growth and competitiveness.

To that end, NYWGF contracted with Campbell Ewald to research “best-in-class" examples of wine tourism, execute consumer research to develop wine tourism visitor profiles, and develop a toolkit of marketing strategies.

The New York Wine Tourism Marketing Toolkit was created to provide practical marketing advice on how to increase visitation to tasting rooms and elevate visitors' experience, thus making New York State a world premier wine tourism destination. The toolkit includes profiles of three potential visitor targets who exhibit a higher inclination to visit a New York winery. These profiles are coupled with recommended marketing strategies to motivate them to visit. The toolkit offers specific operational tactics that wineries and wine trails can deploy to generate greater brand loyalty from the visitor targets.

Steve Williams, Chief Experience Champion, Experience Champions
NYC will host World Pride in June 2019, an international spectacle in the LGBTQIA+ calendar, attracting over 3 million locals and global travelers. With a wanderlust mentality and high disposable incomes, New York state has an incredible social and economic benefit opportunity this year and moving forward. Steve Williams, an Australian national but recently declared New Yorker, shares his experience as a gay traveller providing insight on how to attract this demographic. Using real case studies, Steve will share how to provide a great experience leading to growth in this market share and other minority groups, whilst demystifying the LGBTQIA+ acronym.