Community Engagement

Communicating tourism's strong community value proposition is vital in ensuring ongoing support. Discover how to communicate your “why" effectively to businesses, residents, staff and civic leadership

Phil Royle, Development & Operations Director, LEGOLAND Developments
How LEGOLAND New York engaged the community and tourism industry from the beginning. What went well, what didn't go well and the lessons from both on the path to creating a $500 million-dollar theme park.

Amanda Dana, Director of Tourism, Orange County
Learn how economic development and tourism must get ahead of projects in the community with proper messaging. How Orange County Tourism is engaging with its destination re-defining developments.

Josiah Brown, Sherpa, New York's Best Experiences
The language of tourism is changing. Learn the “New Tourism Lexicon" to keep your local tourism industry messaging strong. You'll see how to gain clear community understanding of your value proposition and funding structure.