ADA/Accessibility Engagement

The subject of accessibility best practices in both the real and virtual world.

Bren Jobe, Creative Director, Corporate Communications
Bren will review the best practices for getting your website is accessible and inclusive.

A leader in new media marketing and communications technologies, Internet marketing services including search engine optimization, digital advertising placement & management, strategic in-bound marketing services and social media management.

Sara Cook, Director of Client Services
Adworkshop is an employee-owned integrated marketing agency providing strategic consulting and creative marketing solutions that help clients solve their evolving business challenges. Rooted in destination marketing from the 1980 Winter Olympic Games

Open Doors Organization (ODO)
A non-profit organization based in Chicago, Illinois, whose purpose of creating a society in which all persons with disabilities have the same consumer opportunities as everyone else. In America today, marketing toward people with disabilities is hindered by myths and misconceptions. Through comprehensive research, training, and guidance in marketing strategies, ADA compliance and customer service, ODO gives large corporations and small businesses alike the tools they need to reach and serve the disability market.

ODO will share thoughts to consider when considering improvments to include in your physical property.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Rural Tourism Inclusion Project
When it comes to ensuring that those with disabilities can fully enjoy an activity, the key is making sure to utilize all 5 senses in the activities. It is important to accommodate for not only those with mobility issues, but also individuals with sensory impairments. By combining real world examples of accommodation recommendations our team made in Ecuador with input from renowned disabled travel bloggers, we can show that even the most rural of destinations can have something for everyone.

Points for the talk will include incorporation of all 5 senses, modifying activities to fit everyone's needs, and identifying areas where someone may have a hard time participating. These will be reinforced with examples from our project to show how our talking points can be applied to the real world. We'll include details on our process for analyzing the facilities, which can realistically be applied to any tourist destination.