Sessions & Speakers

2019 New York State Tourism Conference Links to Presentations and Speaker Profiles.

2:00 pm Opening Session

Welcoming remarks from NYSTIA and Buffalo

3:00 pm Networking with Vendors

3:30 PM Keynote Speaker
Roger Dow, President, U.S. Travel Association- view profile


8:30 am General Session
Karyn Gruenberg, Sr. Vice President Partner Marketing, Brand USA - view profile

Concurrent Breakouts at 10:00 am, 11:30 am, 2:30 pm, 4:00 pm
Community Engagement - view description
Panelists: Phil Royal, Amanda Dana, Josiah Brown

Partnership Engagement - view description
Panelists:Greg LaDuca, Lana Perlman, Andrea Bornheim

Consumer Engagement -view description
Panelists: Dionne Williams, Dr. Donathan Brown, Cindy Rodriguez, Sam Filler, Steve Williams

ADA/Accessibility Engagement -view description
Panelists: Bren Jobe, Sara Cook, Open Doors Organization (ODO), WPI

12:30 pm Lunch
Dan Janes, CEO, Madden Media - view profile
Building Collective Impact in Communities - view description

8:00 am Breakfast Begins

8:30 am BRAND USA/NYSTIA Grant review and outcomes

9:30 am General Session - Universal Access Transportation - view description
Phil Royle, Development & Operations Director, LEGOLAND® New York Resort
Citrus Connection - view profile

10:30 am General Session - 2018 Year in Review
Ross Levi, Executive Director of Tourism, I Love New York

11:00 am - Wrap Up and Findings
Bob Provost, President & CEO, NYSTIA